7 Safe and Easiest ways to Boost Testosterone Levels

We have been regularly told that good testosterone levels are essential for muscle mass, bone density & for libido and that is why this hormone has been taken for granted & normally now people do not seem to take seriously its deficiency but the worst part is that deficiency of testosterone hormone levels are also associated with some highly deadly diseases in which prostate cancer, heart disease and the other types of cancers are on the top of the list. Hence, you cannot take risk of considering this important hormone lightly and there are a few ways through which you can boost its amount in your body.

  1. Say No to Stress:

Physical & mental stresses usually have negative impact on your mind & body, you know it but did you know that Anxiety & Stress are deadly for your decline Levels of T hormone? As stress triggers cortisol to surge, which pushes down body’s ability to make testosterone and the body use the hormone T within the body tissues, according to an expert Zava. The best alternative to this issue is Cardio; it has properties to tamer the tension to a great extent. However, if you are overdoing workout then cardio may lower the levels rather increasing because when you over do your cardio, your body tends to experience more fatigue, injuries & tiredness and these three are sure signs that your workouts are draining out your hormone T rather boosting it. Testo Max

  1. Zinc:

One of the essential dietary minerals is Zinc. It may not be discussed among the masses as it is supposed to be but one thing is for sure that zinc is highly effective in raising the levels of Hormone T. Surprised? Well, you should not be because having deficiency of zinc can lead to plunged levels of testosterone. Zinc is also essential in breaking down of food n other nutrients, for the functionality of immune system but it has an undeniable role to play in Testosterone high levels. Moreover, many food items are rich with this essential mineral; for instance: oysters, fortified breakfast cereal, beef (some specific cuts), lobster and cashews etc.

  1. The Effective Supplement Testogen:

On market supplements can also come handy when we are talking about testosterone boosters and if we are discussing them than it is just next to impossible that we do not mention Testogen as an impactful test booster. It is a gifted product of technology and science that has revolutionary outcomes for the users. Furthermore, it also helps you to lose stubborn body fat that seems impossible to move, makes your body a little more better looking, it cuts down cholesterol. Luckily, it does not possess any side effects due to natural ingredients that are part of its composition.

When you start using Testogen, you experience better in mood, concentration /focus, and vitality in  seven days or so but muscle development may take time around 4 -6 weeks.

  1. Weight Loss:

Men with hypogonadism show improvements in testosterone levels after they change their life style and modify it by losing weight. Weight Loss is directly proportional to the Hormone T levels.

  1. Vitamin D intake:

There is a direct association between vitamin D and Testosterone.steroid alternatives One study clearly suggested a raise in levels of T hormone after providing intense dose of Vitamin D to the deficient men. Vitamin D is not only essential for women; it is also very much helpful for men. You may get vitamin D from different food sources like egg yolks, cheese, beef liver, Foods fortified with vitamin D (like some dairy products, orange juice, cereals and soy milk).

  1. Good Fats:

For our natural testosterone production, nutrients have a key role to play. The main factor in our diet is in which ratio, we take macronutrients and types of it. The hormones that are steroid based have backbone of a 17-carbon fat molecule called “gonane”. This creates hormones that are fat-soluble. So, does this mean more fat, better testosterone levels? Well, not necessarily, good fats ought to be taken and the amount should be adequate too, otherwise, it will not be a help! Hence, total intake of fat on daily basis, should be around 25-40% of total calorie intake of an adult male.

  1. High Intensity Exercise and intermittent fasting:

High-Intensity Exercises are a great supporter too! And the results are multiple when you combine it with intermittent Fasting as both let you experience good levels of T hormones and they are highly effective for the test boosting. Even intermittent fasting for a short period of time can increase your levels of testosterone from 67% and it is an insanely high percentage to consider. Plus it also causes your body to lose body fat that is again a way to boost hormonal level of T.


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