My apologies that I have not been able to write up some of the things I did this year.
I just wanted to share with you my most recent successful project.
For our gemara review I had my shiur create collaboratively review material for the final.
There were four sugyas four teams of four.  
I brought them to the school library and broadcasted a wifi from one of my computers
Each team was equipped various technology - including an iPad and Macbook to create various multimedia reviews and textual ones.  
The iPad members of the team were asked to use A+ flashcards to create flashcards that review words and concepts of their Sugya.  
I let them take breaks when they needed and acted as sho'el umeshiv.
They then shared them with each other on quizlet - as we created a shiur group.  
[To ensure that their definitions were precise, I had administrational control over the quizlet group and edited them as deemed necessary]
Others in the group simultaneously either created a comicstrip to bring out the most fundamental idea of the sugya, created summary slideshow, color coded gemara ( or audio recording (garageband or Voicethread).  Most of these tasks were completed within one day.  
The next day was textual day as they were asked to create a list of 10 questions and answers that they expect on the final - 8 best pshat Q's and 2 mefarshim questions.  The rest of the period, they reviewed with each other the materials that had been created the day before and began review for the final.
Finally, they scheduled an interview for the final week to met with me as a chaburah and had an oral interview on the Sugya that they reviewed.
I attached the document that they received to begin the project.
Just wanted to share,
R' Dani Cooper
DRS-Yeshiva High School

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