Ideal exercises which naturally boost testosterone levels

Testosterone is a hormone that boosts your lean strength bulk and bone substance, aids you in maintaining a great body and is considered extremely essential when it comes to a man’s health. When testosterone levels drop, regardless of what gender you have, your chances of depression, low sexual stimulation and obesity increase tremendously.

Declining levels of testosterone pose a bigger threat to a man’s health, as that leads to heart ailments and Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Despite the fact that you will find numerous medicines pertaining to boost testosterone and even foods enriched with nutrients that would do so, it is best to increase your physical activity in comparison to these things; if you wish to increase the testosterone in your body.

Take a look at these six body nourishing exercises that definitely aid your low testosterone situation.

  • Running

There are countless studies which support the fact that running for shorter periods of time can raise your testosterone levels. In one of these many studies, it was discovered that a sprint lasting for 6 seconds boosted the testosterone levels and even after it was over and the individuals had recuperated, the testosterone stayed the same.

You might be wondering how you can put this into practice; its pretty simple. You can do sprints on your treadmill, bicycle or even the elliptical in the midst of your work out. Try to do this twice or thrice a week (not more than that), you will achieve maximum results. Make sure your sprint is round about five to ten seconds. If you want better results, make that fifteen, but never more than that; you’d be going beyond the average potential and causing health problems for yourself.

  • Haul up weights

The heavier weights you lift, the higher your testosterone will rise. Contrary to the belief that heavy lifting can pose a threat to your health, as far as testosterone levels are concerned, they are very much in favour of this concept. You should employ your whole body in these exercises through squats, bench squeezes and deadlifts.

Make sure that you utilize Olympic lifts to complement these workouts. Don’t let heavy weights petrify you if you’re starting fresh because practice is what makes perfect. You can even use lighter weight dumbbells, if Olympic weights are too much for you to handle.

  • Rest with contentment

Although many body building experts suggest that you take on shorter periods of rest between your workouts, as far as testosterone levels are concerned, the situation is different. Many studies have shown that longer rest periods, for about one-twenty seconds are better between workouts, if you’re aiming to satisfy your testosterone levels along with your body.

It also links up to the heavy weight lifting idea, because if you’re taking on shorter spans for resting, then you wouldn’t be able to lift heavy weights after that, as your muscles would not be relaxed enough.

  • Indulge in obligatory reps

In order for you to carry out a compulsory reiteration, you execute a weight heaving workout for the number of reps you want, then have a partner help you in finishing up numerous extra reiterations. The supplementary ones can range from one to five reps.

Scientists have proven that putting yourself through these obligatory reps can boost your testosterone levels tremendously. The perfect way to maximize your results is to indulge in extensive exercises that encourage your motor skills. It is not important that you perform these obligatory reps for every exercise you do. Doing so with the last exercise you choose can equally boost your testosterone as well.

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  • Utilize your legs

Studies have shown that when you work out on your lower shape in collaboration with the upper one, your testosterone boosts on a number of levels. Hence make sure that while you’re giving those abs and biceps attention, you don’t neglect the thighs and calves. All the boys and men are running towards working on their abs and biceps; they also need to realize how indulging in leg days would benefit them in ways they can’t imagine. It would provide them with improved results, greater vitality, fat reduction and increased sexual drive.

  • Beware of persistent cardio

Sports which demand a greater level of toleration from you can be harmful for your testosterone, such as cycling. These sports impact this hormone in the same way as heavy lifting, except the fact that they work in the opposite direction, decreasing it.

Researchers even suggest that this is a good thing for athletes because they are at a competitive edge. The high levels of testosterone may halt their performance. So, if you want to improve your testosterone levels avoid long persistent workouts.

These six exercises are the key to high testosterone levels, exploit them while you have the energy to.


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