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Your skin began to age the minute you were born, from exposure to sunlight, chemicals and toxins in your environment, and free radicals resulting when your body broke down foods into energy.

When you were younger, your body did a great job of producing its own antioxidants to fight the effects of all those skin-aging factors, and you may have even eaten a diet high in additional antioxidants–one rich in the Vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene. But even if you didn’t, you probably got way with youthful looking skin at least until your thirties. Especially if you used sunscreen with UV blockers.

But as you grew older, your body began to lose its anti-oxidant producing ability; it also began undergoing changes in its hormonal balances which led to your skin becoming thinner and more transparent. Your collagen, the network of connective fibers which gave your skin it elasticity, has lost its “bounce”, and you notice tiny lines and wrinkles around you eyes and mouth. microdermabrasion at home

Aging skin care requires first of all an understanding of the changes happening not just in your skin but in your other physiological system, because the human body works as a single unit. Aging skin care has to work from the inside out, with nutritional support to compensate for what your body has lost of its own free radical defenses. And aging skin care has to work from the outside in, with natural skin cleansing and nourishing products which do not load the skin with harsh chemicals and abrasives.

Aging Skin Care Superfoods

Recent nutritional research has uncovered a group of “super foods” which show remarkable promise not only in aging skin care but in a host of other physical failings which may accompany growing older. Blueberries, both fresh and frozen have been show to have the highest anti-oxidant concentrations per serving of all fresh fruits and vegetables; wild salmon and flaxseed are excellent sources of omega-e fatty acids; carrots are loaded with bets-carotene, and if your don’t like munching on raw carrots, try grating them finely and adding them to your spaghetti sauce just before you serve it.

Glycerin Soap

Practice some aging skin care by changing your commercially produced facial cleanser. which almost certainly had its glycerin removed, for natural glycerin-rich soap. Glycerin is an emollient, meaning that it will attract moisture; soaps without their glycerin content strip oil and dirt from your skin, but do not replace the oil and can dry your skin significantly over time.

No Excuses

And aging skin car demands the use of a sunscreen. Period.

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