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Technology, Education and Mindfulness


In Randi Zuckerberg’s (yes, she IS Mark’s sister) new book Dot Complicated: Untangling our Wired World  she says, “It’s ironic that the best and worst thing about…


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Blogging to Share Meaning and Purpose

I wrote this last week and published it on my blog.

I believe that blogging has the potential to give students and teachers the voices to connect with readers in many places, resulting in deeper learning and actual benefits to others.


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Knowmia Teach and Apple/Mac App for the Flipped Classroom


Is anyone familiar with the Apple/Mac App, Knowmia Teach? It can be used with the flipped classroom model. I'm looking for an application of Knowmia Teach for Judaic Studies?

Any suggestions?

Kol tuv,


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What would the "Dream Team" school look like?

I was recently at a conference and, while I always enjoy the discussions, reflections and speakers, I must admit that my favorite part of this conference (and just about any I have been to) has been sitting around the lunch table, sharing experiences and being wowed by the quality of some Jewish educators in schools today. Whether it is hearing about engaging students in Tefilla, developing dynamic PBL's in Gemara, using Google maps and distance learning to bring the students to the…

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Rabbi David Fohrman and Aleph Beta's Parsha Videos for your classroom

Aleph Beta Academy and Rabbi David Fohrman are are building a library of video supplements in Jewish studies that are easily integrated into teachers' curriculum. We think you'll find the material to be top notch -- both in terms of the content and execution. Teachers and students report it to be engaging, exciting, and something that helps make Torah learning deeply relevant. 
Everything we create is free…

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The term Bring Your Own Device has been a source of debate in many schools. The question is, to BYOD or not to BYOD? Should we be allowing or even requiring that our students bring some electronic device with them to each class? There are many pros and cons to the idea of bringing your own device to school. This infographic illustrates both sides of the debate.…


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Collaborative Professional Cultures in Schools

How does one create a collaborative learning organization? In the space of this post, I will focus on three broad value concepts that shape the nature of the professional environment in schools: power, transparency and theory. The way that these three elements are played makes all the difference in defining the school culture that will develop.

Power - A school leader must carefully consider how to use power…


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Torah iTextbook Project

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Effie Kleinberg of Ramaz for being the first to submit and receive approval for his contribution of the sugyah of Ben Sorer UMoreh to be converted into an interactive iPad iTextbook. The sugyah is currently in production and should be ready for the coming school year. Rabbi Kleinberg's check of $400 is in the mail to him.

If you are interested in submitting sugyah content to be produced into an iPad (and mac in the fall) iTextbook please visit the project website at…


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Jewish Philosophy Yom Iyun

This past week I was privileged to organize and participate in a Yom Iyun on Jewish Philosophy as a project of YU’s HSCHINUCH CoP at Ramaz.  Approximately 60 high school teachers participated in the program that included presentations on areas of Jewish Philosophy that come up in our classes.  A number of teachers presented on issue that they have addressed and the keynote speaker was Dr. David Shatz who spoke about Hashgacha Peratit.  The final speaker was Rabbi Mayer Twersky who spoke…


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Are you looking to make some extra money this summer?

Through a major grant from the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge, Hillel Day School of Boca Raton is looking for content contributors to take part in the production of a digital library of 40 Gemarah and Chumash iPad itextbooks over the next two years. We are paying $400 per sugyah for content contributions. If you are interested in contributing content for a Gemarah sugyah please visit the…


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Reflections from the Side of the Road

This is a blog post I wrote for AviChai's blog that provides an overview of the process of institutional change we've undergone over the last four years.  I hope some find it helpful in working toward change in their schools.

The Margolin Hebrew Academy’s Curriculum 21 Initiative: Reflections from the Side of the Road…


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Chinuch Energy: The Importance of Friends in the Teachers' Room

Every other Wednesday, I post ideas about how to improve the learning going on in the classroom. There are so many buzzwords and great ideas floating around about what could make education better: blended learning, 1 to 1 education, media labs. It would take 30 hours a day to get schools to be perfect and for teachers to prepare the needed lessons to implement these ideas. Yet, even if all these innovations were implemented, I'm not sure these ideas would improve the learning…


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Differentiated Discipline

In my role at an all boys Yeshiva high school, I am involved in discipline.  A common complaint I hear from my students is the “unfairness” they feel when punishments do not appear to be 100% consistent 100% of the time.  This complaint comes in various contexts and forms.  The common theme is that many students express a feeling of frustration from inconsistency.


While it is debatable to me whether the students really agree with the argument they make or are simply unhappy…


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Common Core Judaics: The Six Steps of Academic Vocabulary

The Common Core

I don't know about you, but my school has been living and breathing the common core over the last few weeks. Although as a private school, we are exempt from the 3-8th grade testing requirement, my school administered the tests anyway to help provide benchmarks for the General Studies program.

So we lived through the state exams. Our students did really well, and this is not the place to discuss the…

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Speaking to a Larger Audience

One of the things I have experimented with in my classes this year is assigning students work which they are required to share on a larger stage than our classroom.

I had several complementary goals in mind in devising these assignments, but I will focus here more on the results than the planning.

In one of my classes, Contemporary…


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As I write these words, the excitement I felt hours ago is still here!


Those three letters basically sum up what took place today at Yavneh Academy. The first, ever, JedcampNJNY (second Jedcamp ever!) began at 9am and what an event it was! (You just didn’t want it to end!)

From the get go, educators from all over began to pour in and the connections began.

I couldn’t keep up.

 Everywhere you turned another new face was ready…


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Are we "watering down" our students' experiences?

With Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaut behind us, I am once again left wondering if the students gained anything more than not having class from the various programs that occurred. Considering that one of the tenets of Modern Orthodoxy is its Zionistic inclination, we don't really provide our students with good reasons and explanations for why they should be Zionistic. Can we give them more than a soldier and the Nefesh B'Nefesh video (which, by the way, makes me cry every time I see it)? Is…


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Students - the Hidden Professional Development Resource in Your School


You are an OK teacher, but sometimes the kids drift off in your class. Or you explain a concept for five minutes and the class looks back at you with a blank look as if you are speaking Chinese. Or, you thought the kids were with you in class, but they bombed the test. These kinds of days are demoralizing. It's not fun to feel like its been a FAIL.…


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Using Evidence from Text - part of the new Common Core Standards -

Using Evidence from Text - part of the new Common Core Standards -


I have just begun to explore the new common core standards -- at the suggestion of Dr. Steven Lorch of the SSDS of Manhattan.  It strikes me that the new approach they are taking to text resonates to some extent with the way that we teach Tanach?  It's kind of a wildl link but thought I would share in case there are helpful materials.  Common Core Library has lots of resources.…


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The Argument for Standardized Curriculum in Judaic Studies

(But not standardized testing or teaching)

There has been a lot of discussion in the media, blogs, journals, etc about standardization in education. There are many reasons for standardized curriculum, fewer for standardized testing and none for standardized teaching.

The question is how much do we utilize standardized curriculum and how much should we in Judaic Studies classrooms? In General studies classes much curriculum is standardized but in the Judaic Studies classroom…


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